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Carb Caps: Spinners vs. Bubbles

Carb Caps: Spinners vs. Bubbles

What is a Carb Cap?

Carb Caps help to make your dabbing experience as pleasurable and also efficient as possible. They do this in a few ways, including trapping heat and spreading your concentrates. By trapping the heat inside the banger, you are able to retain a dabbing temperature for much longer, making your dab much more efficient. Then as your cap moves the oil around the banger, you utilize the full surface area of your quartz and further avoid hot and cool spots.

What are the Different Types of Caps?

There are many types of Carb Caps, and artists are constantly innovating new styles and designs. The main types commonly used are bubble caps, directional caps, spinner caps, auto-spinner caps, and lastly marble sets.

Bubble Caps are typically shaped like a bubble with one small hole straight up-and-down. These are the most common type of cap mostly due to its simple design and the resulting low cost. You typically move the cap around manually as you take your dabe to push around your concentrates.

Directional Caps are very similar to bubble caps with one distinction... the direction of the airflow is often angled so that as you move/spin the cap, the airflow pushes down the walls of your quartz, and towards the bottom where the heat is retained.

Spinner Caps vary from the previously mentioned caps in that they typically have two or more holes with angled directional airflow. This allows you to simply spin the cap instead of moving it all around.

Auto-Spinner Caps Have several holes cut in a circular formation which allows you to simply place the cap on your banger and let the function work for itself. These are the best option for anyone trying to spin a pearl along with their concentrates.

Marble Sets are made specifically for a newer style of banger known as a Terp Slurper. On these and several similar designs, the airflow actually is pulled from the bottom, allowing you to completely block airflow from the top with a marble. Many of these are sold in sets, with smaller pills, pearls, and marbles used to place inside your slurper.

Where Can I Find a New Carb Cap?

We carry a wide range of caps here at Matchbox, including all of the previously mentioned styles. We also carry a wide range of Quartz designs to match perfectly with your carb cap. You can find all of our carb caps here: Carb Caps

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