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How to Get the Most From Your dabs

How to Get the Most From Your dabs

How to Get the Most From Your Dabs

A step-by-step guide to get more flavor, vapor, and overall efficiency from each dab of concentrate

MB's Top Dabbing Tips

1.) Don't Torch Until RED

Unlike titanium, quartz glows red at a much higher temperature than needed to vaporize.

Our tip is to torch your banger for around 30-40 seconds and then allow approx the same time for cooldown before applying your dab. Keep in mind these times will vary depending on your banger and torch.

2.) Upgrade from Ti to Quartz

Titanium was a great place for dabbing to start and takeoff, but it has since been outdated for good reason... It's been shown to release harmful toxins at high temperatures, and also is simply less effective than modern quartz bangers because of the longer heat retention.

3.) Carb Caps are Essential

If you are using your banger without a carb cap you are for sure wasting some of your concentrates.

You also are most likely taking your dabs at a much higher temperature than necessary. This takes away from much of the flavor of your concentrates.

 4.) Keep Your Quartz Clean

The best way to keep your quartz clean is to avoid getting it too hot, and give a quick swipe with a cotton swab after each dab.

We offer specialized swabs made specifically for this purpose called Glob Mops

Step-By-Step to the Perfect Dab

1.) Torch Your Banger

Torching times will vary depending on your torch and quartz, but in general we recommend torching at full or near full power for about 30-40 seconds.

2.) Allow for Cooldown / Measure Temperature

As with torching, times will vary depending on your quartz. Fortunately, there are tools such as the Terpometer and the Dab Rite that measure the temperature of your quartz before you take your dab.

The Terpometer is measured by direct contact while the Dab Rite uses an IR Laser to measure contactless.


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