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Recycler Rigs 101

Recycler Rigs 101

How does a Recycler Work

A recycler is a glass design known for providing an extremely smooth, flavorful, and easy pull. The airflow and water flow creates an unrestricted hit. The standard designs contain a 2 chamber design.

How does a Recycler Work

The first chamber is where the diffusion happens, providing the cool and smooth smoke. The water bubbles and smoke then travel into the second chamber.

This is where the magic of the recycler design happens. The smoke and water separate from each other in the second chamber, both acting as a splash guard and often creating a whirlpool effect.

The smoke continues traveling to the mouthpiece while the water flows down below the original diffusion, allowing it to "recycle" back into the natural flow of water.

What Brands of Recyclers Do We Carry?

AFM Glass - Shop Here

MAV Glass - Shop Here


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