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Shopping Online from MB Philly

Shopping Online from MB Philly

Online Shopping Experience

At Matchbox Philly, we try to provide a top tier customer experience to anyone and everyone visiting our site. We understand that a reliable source for all your smoking needs may be less accessible to some than for others. This is where a reliable online headshop, such as ourselves come into play. We offer a huge selection of glass and other smoking devices and accessories suitable for everyone's price range. When you shop through Matchbox Philly you can be assured that you are purchasing genuine, authentic, and quality products.

Reliability and Quality Assurance

We are Authorized Retailers for many brands of glass and smoking accessories, and only ever purchase authentic merchandise for resale. We only purchase products that we personally believe in, and often also use ourselves.

Wide Selection for Everyone

Wether you are looking for a new glass tube, dab rig, hand pipe, or accessories, we have plenty of options available. We carry a large selection of everything you could be looking for. From affordable glass under $50, to heady glass gallery pieces that can go well into the thousands. We also have a close working relationship with several brands, which helps us to access a selection unseen by most retailers and other smoke shops.

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