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Top 5 Accessories for Any Smoker

Top 5 Accessories for Any Smoker

Top 5

Accessories for Any Smoker

The cannabis market is not just surrounded by ashtrays and lighters... The market has now introduced a large variety of products, and new technology that you can use to help provide each session with a smooth and enjoyable experience...


Grinders are essential tools for grinding your herbs for rolling and loading. Grinders often contain several chambers and come in multiple parts. Not only does a grinder save your fingers from being sticky all-day, but they provide a perfect consistency. You can see all of our available grinders here...

Rolling Trays

Rolling a joint can be messy sometimes, especially if you are new to smoking. Even if you are a regular user, you can drop herb here and there when rolling a joint. A rolling tray can prevent your precious herb or bits of card stock from ending up on the carpet or floor. The rounded edges also make it easy to use every last bit of your herb. Check out our selection of rolling trays here...

Herbal Vaporizers

Burning your herb is not always the best option for everyone... Technology now allows you to Vaporize your herb, extracting the active ingredients for flavor and effect, without exposing yourself to the harmful chemicals caused by combustion. This is also a great alternative for anyone who struggles with the harshness of smoking a traditional pipe or joint. View our selection of herbal vaporizers here...

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