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Crafty Plus Vaporizer Crafty Plus Vaporizer
Storz & Bickel

Crafty Plus Vaporizer

Out of stock Solo 2 Solo 2

Solo 2

Out of stock Pax 3 Complete Kit (Sage) Pax 3 Complete Kit (Sage)
PAX Vapor

Pax 3 Complete Kit (Sage)

$250.00 $200.00
Out of stock PAX 3 Device Only (Sage) PAX 3 Device Only (Sage)
PAX Vapor

PAX 3 Device Only (Sage)

$200.00 $160.00
Out of stock Peak PRO Vaporizer Peak PRO Vaporizer

Peak PRO Vaporizer

Out of stock Switch Vaporizer Switch Vaporizer
Dr Dabber

Switch Vaporizer

$400.00 $370.00
Out of stock Connect Vaporizer Connect Vaporizer
G Pen

Connect Vaporizer

Out of stock Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

$280.00 $200.00
Out of stock Volcano Classic Volcano Classic
Storz & Bickel

Volcano Classic

$480.00 $450.00
Out of stock Volcano Hybrid Volcano Hybrid
Storz & Bickel

Volcano Hybrid

$700.00 $650.00
Out of stock Peak Smart Rig | Medusa Peak Smart Rig | Medusa

Peak Smart Rig | Medusa

Out of stock Peak Smart Rig Peak Smart Rig

Peak Smart Rig


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